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Why Your Roof Needs Copper Flashing


There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to roof maintenance. Leaks, snow, ice dams, age, trees…the list goes on. Another item that should be on that list is your roof’s flashing. Making sure that your flashing is in good condition is essential to maintaining your roof. If you need to repair or replace flashing on your roof, Old Timers Slate Roofing has a suggestion: use copper flashing.

If you’ve never considered copper flashing, here are some reasons why we recommend it as a roofing material.


What is flashing?

Before we get into why copper is the best material for flashing, we should cover what flashing is. Flashing are the pieces of metal that cover the gaps in your roof and prevent leaks. There is flashing around the edges of your chimney, vents, skylights, or anything else that needs to create a hole in the roof. Depending on the design of your house, there can even be flashing between the sections of your roof.


Copper lasts (almost) forever.

Now that you know what flashing is, let’s get into why you should choose copper. First, copper lasts for a very long time. For roof flashing, roofers usually use 16-gauge copper, which lasts for 70 to 100 years. That’s a long time for a roof! We think any material that will outlast us is good enough for your roof.


Copper is flexible.

Being malleable and easy to shape is important for a roofing material. If your house has unusual architectural features, the flashing needs to be able to fit everywhere you need it to. Copper is both strong and flexible. Roofers can easily shape it to fit anywhere on your roof and it will still hold up for a long time.


Copper increases curb appeal.

This might not seem like the most important thing to consider when it comes to flashing, but it makes more of a difference than you might think. If you ever want to sell your house, copper flashing will increase your property value. Copper also continues to look good as it ages. It starts as a shiny orange color and ages into a soft blue-green.


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Copper Flashing from Old Timers Slate Roofing

If you need to repair or replace the flashing on your roof, copper is the best choice. If you have a historic or complex roof or you just want to up your home’s curb appeal, we think you should choose copper flashing. Old Timers Slate Roofing has over 99 years of experience, so you can trust that we know our stuff.


Contact Old Timers Slate Roofing today to learn more about the benefits of copper roofing for your home.