copper roofing

The Only 2 Reasons You Need For Considering Copper Roofing


Whether residential or commercial, copper roofing offers many benefits. While metal roofing is not the most common choice among New Englanders, it is certainly growing in popularity – and for good reason. With desirable features such as increased energy efficiency, lightweight, budget-friendly costs, and a potential increase to your home’s value – what’s not to love about copper?

Oh, and did we mention it surpasses the durability and longevity ratings of the competition? Intrigued yet?


When it comes to roofing, the subject of durability is a significant one. Or, it should be at least. Let’s think about it for a moment. Without a durable material, your roof is subject to several different factors that could end in costly and time-consuming repairs (sometimes total roof replacement). It’s safe to say that this is not something anyone is searching for.

Instead, materials with the highest durability ratings become the desirable choice. For example, copper roofing. Below are a few of the ways copper shines in the durability category.

  • Fire resistance

While no one wants to think about home or business fires, the reality is that they do happen. Often leaving behind devastation, with metal roofing, you’re empowered to minimize the damage with the Class A protection provided by copper.

  • Weather resistance

Copper can also hold up against strong damaging hail storms. While hail isn’t too frequent in the Northeast, it does happen, and at any given time. More common are heavy rainstorms during the spring and summer seasons. Cooper roofing is less likely to be affected by rainfall than other roofing materials. With such resilience, the worries of mold and mildew growth are also removed – making your home or commercial building an overall safer environment for the inhabitants.


When the time comes for roof replacement or repairs, the last thing you want to think about is going through the process again. While it’s an inevitable task, tending to your roof often comes at unexpected and unbudgeted times. Thus, choosing a material that offers some of the longest lifespans becomes quite appealing.

With copper, it’s not uncommon for a roof to last a minimum of 60 years with little maintenance. For those committed to caring for their roofing needs, a copper roof can last an upward of 200 years!

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