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How to Decide which Massachusetts Slate Roofing Company Is Best

When it comes to finding the right Massachusetts slate roofing company, there are a few things to consider before committing.  At Old Timers Slate Roofing, our team has an unwavering dedication to offering superior service that is unmatched. Here are a few things that our experts would recommend you consider before you hire a slate roofing contractor.


How much experience do they have? 

When it comes to finding a reliable slate roofing company, experience is arguably one of the most important things to consider. Since slate roofing is possibly one of the oldest roofing materials so hiring a company with an abundance of experience is a must. Here at Old Timers Slate Roofing, we have almost 100 years of experience. Our team of professionals has a complete understanding of the material and an unmatched commitment to providing only the best level of service!


What about their reputation? 

After researching a company’s experience, the next step is to consider its reputation. Their reputation, either good or bad will speak to the quality of their work. One great way to learn about a company’s reputation is to read its reviews. Begin by checking their Facebook page or Google reviews to hear from previous customers. This will give you insight into the company so that you can make a better choice. While a few negative reviews are nothing to shutter at, look at the bigger picture and take into consideration what qualities are most important to you when choosing a roofer. 


Ask if they are licensed and insured.

Last, but certainly not least, any respected roofing company should be fully licensed and insured. Take the time, before hiring your contractor, to ask if they are. By being licensed and insured both you and the roofing company, should anything happen on your property, are protected and covered. Here at Old Timers Slate Roofing we are both licensed and insured so that you can have peace of mind that your home or building is in the very best hands.


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Make us your go-to for Massachusetts Slate Roofing

With a century of experience and a glowing reputation our fully insured and licensed team at Old Timers Slate Roofing can help you achieve your roofing goals. With an extensive knowledge of slate roofing in Massachusetts, don’t waste your time. Hire professionals.


For more information on our Massachusetts slate roofing services, contact Old Timers Slate Roofing today by calling 617-625-2191 to get a complimentary quote!