copper roofing massachusetts

Copper Roofing in Massachusetts: 3 More Reasons to Go for It

copper roofing massachusetts

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new roof, the first question you ask is: what kind? While all roofing materials have their pros and cons, we want to pitch one to you that’s almost all pro. You guessed it, copper. We’ve told you about some of the benefits of copper roofing in Massachusetts before, but there are more reasons why copper is one of the best roofing materials available. At Old Timers Slate Roofing, copper roofing is one of our specialties.

Here are three more reasons why you should go for copper roofing.


Versatile and Flexible

If you have an older home or a house built in an unusual architectural style, choosing the right roofing material is tricky. Luckily, copper roofing is a versatile and flexible material. It is a malleable metal that an experienced roofer can easily shape to fit any surface. If your home has dormers, turrets, or domes, copper roofing can be shaped to fit it.

In addition to physically being able to fit any roof, copper also aesthetically fits any house. It works with old and new homes, matching perfectly with any architectural style. It requires no painting or finishing, naturally matching any house it’s installed on.


Naturally Beautiful

Speaking of copper’s natural look, many homeowners favor it because of its natural beauty. What’s more, copper stays naturally beautiful even as it ages. Rather than corroding, copper oxidizes and transitions from its original copper color to a light bluish-green. (You know, like the Statue of Liberty.) That color change does not mean that the copper is deteriorating. On the contrary, that green layer actually protects the copper from corrosion.


Energy Efficient

In New England, our energy bills are on our minds all year long. Getting copper roofing in Massachusetts can help reduce your heating and air conditioning bills. Like other metal roofing materials, copper reflects heat back, keeping your house cool in the summer. In the winter, it acts as an insulator, keeping the heat in.

Copper is also a natural material and is completely recyclable. Because it is such a valuable metal, incentives to recycle it are high. There is very little waste involved in copper products in general, including roofing.

Copper Roofing in Massachusetts: Old Timers Roofing

Replacing your roof with any material is an investment, and at Old Timers Slate Roofing, we want you to have all the information you need before you make a decision. If you think copper roofing in Massachusetts is the right choice for your home, contact us and our team of experienced professionals will answer all your questions.